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Default Re: I Got alot of questions!!

Originally Posted by XxNejixX View Post
Umm this is akward but im like 13 years old and im having penis problems. My balls are always sticking to me and it uncomfortable. and also when i get an erection it hard to hide. My penis is like 7 inches when erect so it hard to hide in pants and it unconfortable when its erect because it turns and it hurts so i have to shift alot. How can stop an erection and stop my balls from sticking to me??
well lol i have the same problem with my "sack" you can use baby powder on where it sticks, with your 7inch penis, im not sure, you cant really hide an erection lol im 13 also but i am a late bloomer so mine is 2in nonerect and abou 3-4 erect, lol hope this helped

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