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Default Re: The War in Iraq we are having it for a reason

Originally Posted by Fallstel View Post
Have you seen Farenheit 9/11?
Believe everything you watch? That documentary (coming from a neutral stand point on my behalf) is easily one of the most biased and ridiculous things to have ever been titled a documentary.

It's not. Documentaries show all sides of the story. Micheal Moore just likes to show his side. He's been discredited a ton of times and usually just starts talking about a new issue instead of clarifying anything.

He's really just annoying to be honest.

Originally Posted by Palm kid View Post
the war in iraq has no noyhing to do with oil its to refor it from a violent dictatorship to a peaceful democracy,
Than why would we bother bringing their oil back? And (F9/11) was right when it said the U.S. instated Saddam. He's a horrible put him there.
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