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Default School Stress Causing Episodes...

School starts for me in 23 days (not including today) and I'm starting to reallllly stress out...well, actually I've been stressing out since August fourth (one month before school starts), but anyway. My mood has been flucuating like crazy (I'm a rapid cycler) and my anxiety and irritability is through the roof. Mostly, I'm in a mixed episode and I've been sleeping almost constantly, almost 18 hours a day on some days and occasionally up to 20. It's rediculous! I've been trying to cut back on caffeine because I know from experience that that only worsens episodes, but it's not working...the more upset I get, the more coke I drink. I'm eating very little - usually a couple snacks throughout the day and dinner, but no lunch or breakfast. I'm compliant with my meds (Lamictal 400mg. and Klonopin 3mg.), but the Klonopin was just increased and I've felt loopy, almost drunk, ever since. My psychiatrist is out of town until the twentieth, of course. But I figure if I cut my midday dose (on Mom's suggestion), it might help because I've always been on the night and morning doses - only the midday dose was increased. I'm really worried that I won't be able to cope with school this year as I was hospitalised last year and am paranoid that it will happen again...

I dunno if anyone can help, but I needed to vent, I think.

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