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Default Chaos, Panic, and Disorder

Hej! (Swedish for hey - pronounced the same way)

My name is Paige and I'm seventeen, to be eighteen in late October. I'm going into my Senior year in high school and I'm taking:
AP Psychology
AP Lit
Teacher Cadet
Environmental Explorations
Spanish I (I got sick of French)
And some random semester classes I can't remember
My grades are generally good, but being a senior, I'm worried that I'll flounder while worrying about college and financial aid and all.

I was diagnosed Bipolar II Rapid Cycler in November, 2005 when I was fifteen. In March, 2007, I was hospitalised for a major breakdown and remained there for nine days to stabilise my medications. When I got out, I was fine for a couple weeks, but then the stress of being behind in my Junior year got to me and I started having breakdowns again. My GPA fell, but I managed to keep it to a 3.14 at the end of the year. A couple times, I have cut, but not very often and not deep. I also bite my nails to the quick, but I don't know if that is to subconsciously cause self-harm or not. When I am really upset, a lot of the time, I turn to caffeine and binge on soda - one time drinking almost an entire twelve pack in two hours.

I have three half-siblings and two step-siblings. My youngest half-brother, Noah, is six but I didn't meet him until he was four and I was fifteen because he lives with my biological father, Ray, whom I had not been in touch with until that summer. My half-sister is fourteen and named Cortni. She is the daughter of my mom, Traci, and my adoptive father, Mark. My second half-brother, Glen, is ten and also Traci and Mark's child. My step-sister is 25 and has spina bifida and is Mark's child. My step-brother is 23 and is Mark's son. Mark adopted me on September 7, 1992, right before I turned three.

I love animals and have been around them all my life. I've raised rabbits for seven years and currently have three - Hedwig (mixed breed), Rowena (pure Netherland Dwarf), and Padfoot (pure Netherland Dwarf). I also have a chinchilla, Remus, and we have two family dogs, CJ (mixed) and Houston (mixed). We also have a cat (mixed) named Smokey.

Mark and Traci separated when I was nine in August, 1999 and the divorce was final when I was twelve. Cortni, Glen, and I went to see him and his new girlfriend at her house every other weekend but I grew to dislike him more and more, as well as his girlfriend. By the time I was twelve, I wasn't speaking to him at all and only regained contact when I was fourteen when he split up from her. I never completely forgave him and we still have our bouts, but Mom and I are really close, as are Ray and I.

I love RolePlaying stories, especially Harry Potter, and I read a lot of Fanfiction (also HP). I'm very upset that the series ended. I love reading in general, except when the book is required because then it often loses its appeal. I also love learning languages, many, many languages. A few of them are:
Chinese (Mandarin)
And a few others....

I'm not yet stable with my bipolar/anxiety. Right now, I'm on 400mg. of Lamictal and 3mg. of Klonopin, but the combination is not working. I've been on soooooo many different meds in the last almost-three years.

I think that's about it...My life's way too complicated for my own good.

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