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Default Re: Stressed About Height

Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0 View Post
Go see a doctor, he'll tell you what's going on. How tall are your parents, and of what build? That's definitely a huge factor in full-adult size. If your dad is 6'1 and your mom is 5'8" chances are you'll sprout at least another 3-4inches before you reach definite adult height at 21.

5'2" isn't that short for 13... I was only a bit taller than that at 13, and I'd say it's about average for that age.
my mam is pretty small about 5'2/3 but my dad is about 5'10 and he is pretty big build he is a weightlifter, and my sister is only about 1 or 2 inches shorter than me.
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