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Default Re: Ok. I need some input.

Thanks Bobby

I hate this. I talked myself up a bit on my walk, told myself to stop moping because I didn't deserve it and that he wasn't worth it. Then I started evaluating: What is the problem? I'm not upset because he broke up with me. I'm upset because he's challenging my character and believes things about me that are so untrue. The solution to the problem? I know he's wrong. I know myself. I am an amazing person. If I wasn't me, I would do everything in my power to be just like me because I put my SOUL into being a good person. I KNOW that I'm compassionate, mature, and understanding, because I concentrate on being those things. Plus, he's obviously a jerk who knows NOTHING about me, so why should I listen to him and let him get me down? I shouldn't.

So then I remembered my inspirational quotes....If I feel depressed I will sing...If I feel sad I will laugh. I am happy because I CHOOSE to be. So. Find something to smile about. The sunlight. All the people. I'm alive. I'm soooo soooo loved. That one made me tear up. So then I came back to the house, got some food- not because I'm hungry but because I know I need to eat, I listened to Love is a Battlefield by Pat Benatar, and now I'm taking my baby cousin to the park. I am happy because I CHOOSE to be.

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