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Default Re: Ok. I need some input.

Thanks for posting Angelina and Palm Kid You guys did help.

So. I confronted him on Facebook. And it's really not going well :/

Hey between Nicholas and you

Today at 1:05pm
Sooooo can I ask why you're ignoring me?

Today at 1:11pm
Im still angry about what you said about me. You never apologized, just went on like it was nothing. You have no idea how much it hurt to be told that i dont care about anyone but myself when everyone knows thats so far from truth. Im pissed off that you would go and just play it off like nothing. Im going to be angry about it for a while. Especially the fact that you think we can just go back to being friends again....not happening.

I really hope your happy.

Today at 1:15pm
I didn't apologize because I told you the truth like you asked me- that's what I was feeling. And you said yourself, I had no idea how much you were hurt by it, I'm not a mindreader- why didn't you say, "Well that really hurts?" And I know we can't just go back to being friends, that's obvious, but I at least thought I could drop an occasional 'hey' and get a response. My bad. And when I told you everything it made me feel a lot better because that was stuff I'd been holding in for a while and it was great to get it off my chest- I never meant to play it off like nothing. I'm sorry that I hurt you, but how was I supposed to know you were hurt if you didn't say anything?

He got offline without replying. And what he's referring to was a texting conversation we had. He asked if I was mad at him, I evaded the question by asking why, he said he was just getting that vibe from a lot of people. I said well I know some people think he complains way too much [he works a lot, messed up his knee and needs surgery- which is the reason he can't march drum corps this season, plus just every day CRAP. It never ends] Some people think he doesn't show any appreciation towards anyone [I have listened to him whine and moan for hours without so much as a "thanks for being there" And whenever I wanted to talk about anything else he wouldn't. Like I was talking about my upcoming marching band show and he was like "Yeah I'm not blowing you off, I just don't really feel like band stuff right now." after I listened to him going on and on AGAIN about how much he woooorks and how much his life SUUUUCKS] Also some people think he's a jerk at corps. And this I know a lot of people really do agree with. Outside of rehearsal he's sooo sweet and considerate and just like perfect. Once we get to rehearsal he's obnoxious, raunchy, and not someone I would ever want to be around.

Anyway the conversation went on, I admitted that yes, I felt that way. Then we got around to one weekend when he shared his bed with this girl named Mandey [everyone sleeps on the floor of a gym so most people bring air mattresses] He asked if he upset me and I was like yeah you upset me. I almost broke down in the middle of the gym and I felt like throwing up. It was like a slap in the face. I went on for a while getting everything off my chest that I'd been holding in for so long- how he hurt me, how regardless of how chivalrous and noble he was being by comforting her when she had no one, I still had no one and it was like he was saying "Go away, you don't matter- SHE does"


*breath in*

*breath out*

*positive reinforcement*
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