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Wow. Just wow.

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No?? Manslaughter is accidental murder, not accidental death.
Since when is Manslaughter accidental murder? Having taken every law class my school has to offer: Manslaughter is when you kill someone in the heat of the moment. You need to prove you weren't clear headed and were provoked. (i.e., Wife cheating on you, in heat of rage you kill her).

There is no charge for accidental murder, because it's just that. Accidental. (Although it's reverse onus on the accidental bit)

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Octo- so because 3 of your friends were born into abusive families, no other unwanted children should be born. Ever. Because of course the same thing is going to happen to them. Definitely. Without a doubt. Life is automatically going to be miserable for them
Stastics say the majority will have this shit lifestyle. So because a minority lead good lives the majority should suffer? Yes, I just turned your own logic back on you there.

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And the brutal rape of a woman, while traumatic and too terrible for words, DOES NOT give her the right to take the life of another human being! NOTHING gives you that right! Just like nothing gives a man the right to rape that woman. You CANNOT fight evil with evil.
Okay, this part I honestly can't believe you even said. It's unfathomable in my head how you could possibly think this way.

A man rapes you, now instead of just going through therapy and attempting to get over it; you must have his child. So that's 9 months of mental anguish, people asking "who's the father?" and you breaking into tears only to explain you were raped. Post mortum depression would most likely lead to killing the baby or suicide. The baby would live as a permanent reminder of you being raped. Oh, and if she did end up killing the baby, 5 years in jail max for infanticide, and then she'd probably lose her job and lifestyle. But yes, I completely agree with your point.

What if there was a risk of her dying from having the baby too? What if she did die? Just to protect the child of a rapist. He now murdered her too. Actually from my standpoint, the person who forbid her from abortion is the one who killed her.

I'm sorry, but to tell a raped woman that she must have the baby, is possibly one of the cruelest punishments you could put on a mother, mentally and physically, for the reasons I've listed above.

Originally Posted by EmotionalMeltdown09 View Post
Everyone deserves the opportunity to live. Period. No. Questions. Asked.
The majority living, means that's about the only opportunity they get in life.
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