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hi my name is chuck and i have a question to ask you. in my school when its gym hour class we go swimming everyday and when were done swimming our coach tells us to hit the showers so we can clean the clorene off us and in my school we have to take our clothes off and we take a shower with everyone its a big room and everytime i take a shower when im cleaning my self with the bar of soap i sometimes accidently drop the soap and when i bend down to get it someone in the shower sticks there penis in my anus and they do that to me all the time at first i kept telling them to stop but as he kept doing it more and more everyday i stop tellin him to stop cuz it started to feel good when he did it to me so i just wanted to know is it right or wrong to let someone do that to you? even though u dont mind or should i tell my parents or coach about this
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