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Originally Posted by boognish View Post
Also on a side note, if abortion was made illegal, shouldnt miscarages from then on be considered manslaughter? i mean, if abortion is murder, then accidental death of an unborn child should be the same as an accidental death of an adult. do you really want to lock up mothers who made a mistake and lost a child the wanted?
No?? Manslaughter is accidental murder, not accidental death. And I don't want to lock up anyone, I want to prevent the killing of innocent children.

Octo- so because 3 of your friends were born into abusive families, no other unwanted children should be born. Ever. Because of course the same thing is going to happen to them. Definitely. Without a doubt. Life is automatically going to be miserable for them.

And the brutal rape of a woman, while traumatic and too terrible for words, DOES NOT give her the right to take the life of another human being! NOTHING gives you that right! Just like nothing gives a man the right to rape that woman. You CANNOT fight evil with evil.

Prince- Not all of them are miserable, children still get adopted. And they should all be given the chance to be. You can't just say, "Well, most kids don't find a home so why bother trying?" That's cruel and inhumane. Everyone deserves a chance. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live. Period. No. Questions. Asked.
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