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I have a problem with a girl that ive been in love with since elementry school she been in all my clases since 1st grade and now im in 8th grade in a year ill be in 9th and she lives on the same street as me shes only 10 houses down and theres a big graveyard across the street from us now ive been in love with her ever since she steped in my first grade class and until now and i hav the feeling she doesnt like me i told one of my best friends that im in love with this girl in 7th grade and he told her and ever since then she been lookin at me differnlty and making fun of me teasing me etc. dont know why now every night i ride my bike into the walk in graveyard and i stop in a perfect spot with trees where no one can c me and i can c her house and whatch through her room and windowns with bernocelas the expensive ones and i can c everything that goes on sometimes she sits on her porch she knows i love her but she doesnt love me when she goes in the house i like to shoot rocket firecrackers from the grave yard and she would come out and i would get a good pic of her cuz images fade in your mind every night i hav dreams of me kidnaping her one day and never coming back to town. I have headacks everyday when i think of her i calld her house one time from a unkown location and number so they wont call me back cuz they might have caller i.d and i talk in a voice machine it changes the voice of myself so she wont reconize my voice and tell her family that i have headacks and i hang up shes always alone in the house i can tell cuz i whatch the cars come in and out sometimes i call when shes alone at night and after i call i cut off her electricity from outside her backyard she gets scared and then after a min or two i turn them back on she doesnt know whos doing it but shes going to find out soon