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Default Poems I wrote whilst I was...

While I Felt Like I was in Love:

(actual titles, undedited poems, i was sleepy, love struck, depressed and confused when i wrote these)

I Love...I think
By Max W

I think I love you.
But im not quite sure...
I like you,
But i dont think,
You like me.
That could be a problem you see,
If you dont like me.
But do I even "like" you?
Im not quite sure...
Your pretty,
Your smart,
Your funny,
Your talented,
You really are great.
But do I "like" you
I did say love,
But It cant be love,
I barely know you,
But I still Really Like you.
Or do I...
Im not quite sure...
How can I tell you?
What should I ask you?
Will you like me?
Would you ever like me?
Do I even really like you?,
I mean I barely know you.
I like your friendship,
I like your looks,
I like most of your actions,
and yet really I like you,
because you remembered my name...
So do I love you?
Or am I clinging to you?
Oh so I wish its clinging infatuation.
For love hurts me.
I cant talk right to those i love.
I fear rejection,
I fear hate,
I fear I may never see them again.
So I sit and wait,
I daydream and wish,
But I dont do anything,
Because Im afraid...
And Im mostly afraid of my feelings.
Because my feelings make me,
Not quite sure...
By Max W

I can sleep
I am tired
I dont want to sleep
When I sleep I think of you
You make me so happy
You make me so sad
You make me everthing
You fill me with love
You fill me with sarrow
When I sleep I see you
When I dream I dream of you
When I wake the dream ends
When I wake reality haunts me
I cant have you
I cant sleep
You haunt me
But I dont want you to go
So I just wont sleep
Oh the feeling and what to do
By Max W

Well Im writing another poem,
Poems are things I dislike,
But I write them to help me think.
And recently I have had to think.
You made me think.
You may not realise it but,
You have changed me.
You have made me.
You have me.
And you dont know it.
Because, you may not like me.
Or you may not even know my feelings.
But then again you might not care anyways.
Its a foolish mistake of mine to care.
I have no reason to,
You gave no reason except,
The occasional hello,
The occasional conversation,
The occasional look across a room.
But you see I tend to look to far,
To far into meaningless things.
Or so I think,
Because more times than not,
Its less than i thought...
And i see those occasions as a hint.
A possible hint of you liking me.
But then the hello could be just a kind gesture.
The conversation cause of pitey,
for I sometimes stand alone.
But I stand alone,
And i stand period,
So that I can be near you.
The look could be many things...
My size,
Im very big,
Its not new,
I know it,
and so do you!
Or it could be disgust.
I had seen that from you before.
You looked at me and cringed,
Like I was soiling your place.
Like it was your fault I was there,
Like you misled me and you didnt mean to.
But then it changed,
You looked happier,
You smilied when you looked,
You looked less often actually.
And the look could have nothing to do with me.
You might not have noticed me,
It would have been hard,
But its been done.
So maybe you werent looking at me,
Maybe the conversations were just out of pitey
and maybe the hello is just a formality.
Then I would be making a mountain out of a mole hill.
And from this Poem,
The fact that im writing a Poem,
Just shows the size of the mountain.
The mountain i dont want to scale alone.
And I would prefer if you could show me the truth,
That im not on a mountain,
That this is some mole hill.
And its meaningless.
Just to stop the pain.
The pain from me hiding,
Cause i dont know what to do with the feeling.
And the longer i hold it, the harder it feels.
Its odd isnt it? A feeling of love,
Hurting as much as a cut.
You wouldnt think it would,
Until you love what you dont even think exists...
What should I do? Tell or hide?
By Max W
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I dislike Poems
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Poems suck

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