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How-zit? I've been here for..oh I dont know, awile, but I have been off and on, so fore everyone that doesnt know me I am the member to remember, I am Max

I am 17 now, I am 6'2''-6'3'', I wear a size 13 shoe (you know what that means ladies ) I am grossly overweight (300 lbs) but I only look fairly overweight, thank you body-builder-body-type. I have been told I can develop the build of arnold schwarzenegger, but I am to lazy! I play world of warcraft, and I think Im insane! I can be depressed to suicide, and still make jokes, kinda like the clown that cries on the inside. Im single, not so successful, and I like long walks to the grocery store.

please do not fear to talk to me, I know alot and I like to talk to people, so if you need help or if you want to talk, you got ways to get to me
Also I will answer any question you ask me, no exceptions...well if its really private I might answer through please not alot of personal questions, no phone-number-adress-social-security-number-type questions ok?
also I like to ramble...heck Im spending alot of time on a Re-introduction!

My Views Are Odd, I am Accutally a Republican
i dont suffer from insanity, i enjoy it
i swear to drunk im not god

pm me if anyone needs any kind of help, i probly know the answer you seek
i got a new email...
its gmail! it is: [email protected]
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