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Default Re: Penis problem (Really need some advice)

listen, keeping your soldier up should be a prioriety for you. while smoking and drinking are serious vices, im not going to stop you. but you might want to try stopping one then the other. see which is the cause or if any is the cause. if 1 of them is the cause, make the choice, stop the 1 or live your live with the erections of an 80 year old (few and far between), not a good plan at 15, if both make the same choice. but if neither, go ahead, binge drink, chain smoke, the whole 9 yards if you want. but if you want you pecker peaking, see a doc and you should explain that you have ruled drinking and smoking out.

I know you dont want to give up either so if you dont have to no one should force you but your self. try stoping drinking for 3-4 weeks, get it out of your system, see if you get a rise. then if you dont, go ahead back to drinking if you really want that future, but then stop smoking for 3-4 weeks, and see if anything changes. if nothing does, you can try giving up both at the same time, or you can see a doctor. then again, if your the lazy type go see a doctor now and dont show you have the power over your own body. good luck

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