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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

well i gots a few, i havent posted in almost a year or more, so this might have been said but here i go:

There was a woman pregnant with triplets. She went to the bank to make a withdrawl, but there was a robber robbing the bank. She stood in the door hoping he wouldnt harm a pregnant woman. The shot her 3 times before running into his car and getting away scot free. The pregnant woman was rushed to the hospital. Luckely the bullets seemed to have not touched her 3 children and there would be no danger, the doctors felt if they tried to remove the bullets now they could endanger the children so they left them.
6 months later the woman gave birth to her triplets 2 girls and 1 boy, all healthy and happy.

16 years later, the mother feeling the shooting would be to much to tell her kid has waited until now to tell her kids of the event...

The mother was in the den reading when 1 of her daughters ran into the room crying. The mother asked "Honey whats wrong?"
The daughter replied "I....I...I...I was going to the bathroom....and...and a bullet fell"
The mother said "-Its ok I know what happened, let me explain why..." the mother then went on to explain the entire event.
3 weeks later the other daughter came in with the similar story, and again the mother told her child of the robbery. But another week later her son came into the room crying. The boy said to her "Mom, im so sorry...I was...I mean...oh god...."
The mother stopped him, "Its ok son I know, let me explain to you what happend..."
The boy stopped her "No mom I know exactly what happend....I was playing with myself and I shot the dog"

how bout them apples?

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