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Originally Posted by EmotionalMeltdown09 View Post
And I'm assuming you've got some proof of this? Statistics, figures that SHOW the majority children given up for adoption don't find permanent homes and instead suffer from abuse?
Hating to say it, Freakonomics, again. It really is an amazing insightful book.

Besides, 3 of my best friends are street kids. There parents couldn't handle them at young ages, they got tossed around a lot, beatin a few times. To the point they hate the system, never got an education, etc.

And yes these boys are pro-abortion too. I talked to one of them about this topic and he said I quote here from msn "If abortion saves even one kid from going through th shit ive seen, do it."

They'll even joke saying that they should've been aborted.

I dunno, I've been surrounded by it my whole life, and seen the downsides to adoption. I know I'm biased in that extent and am grateful for my best friend.

But the average mother/parents who have a child, don't want to do the process of adoption, especially after it's born / they see it.

This leads to them giving it a shitty lifestyle of dropout parents with no real education. Surrounded by this lifestyle, it becomes a norm, criminal / lower class gets larger.

Edit: and yes, I'll go here. What about the mother who's brutally raped and becomes pregnant? Now if you go and say "well she deserves to kill the baby, etc. etc." how in God's name, would we prove who was raped / not?
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