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Default Re: Stressed About Height

At least you are still growing, and you have potential to keep growing. I'm also 5'6'' or 5'7'', and I'm 15. The problem? I was like 5'5'' or 5'5 1/2'' when I was 14. My body is maturing okay, except my voice (I have to deepen to disguise it). I have not budged an inch this summer (which is bad, really bad). The only thing that grew was my wang, which is the only good thing. My arms, legs, hands, overall stature, nothing. I've been gaining weight too, and I'm 133 lbs (16+ lbs from last year). Well, good thing I have a doctor's appointment right before school starts, and I bought shoes that can make me look 5'8''. So you see? At least you know that you're growing...

Kind of off-topic, but I decided I might as well answer TheDude while waiting for a reply from Extra. Anyway, TheDude, you'll be within the height range 5'9"-6'3"... Most likely around 5'11". Those are pretty good height genes having a mother and father around 5'10".
That's what my doctor and the charts say... I was also about 5'2'' when I was 12 turning 13. I'm not so sure anymore though...
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