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I've also got a question for this thread. I'm a fifteen year old boy who understands basically, or mostly everything about puberty and sexual...things. But recently i had a sexual dream. I guess you could have called it an incest type dream cause my sexual dream grandmother. I DIDN'T ACTUALLY DO ANYTHING! I woke up before anything REAL happened. But it disgusted myself. And what was worse was that it was when other people where around AND everything was just disgusting. I mean WHY ON EARTH would i have a sexual dream with my grandma?!! What kind of pervert does that? I don't want to have these dreams...but from time to time, i do. ( Over a period of a year or two) Before, it was my father, and before that it was with my own mother....Who's next? My brother? My thirteen year old cousin? I need ways of not having these again because even now, that dream is haunting me in a way. And to top it all off, (and I'm not afraid to say this), I don't like my grandmother all that much. Why would i have a sex dream with an old person that i don't even like?

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