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Originally Posted by Prince Jellyfish View Post
No, he's not.

What it's important to grasp here is that many women seek adoption because they cannot support the child.
...where in all of that did either of you mention adoption because women can't support the children? Because I read, "When there are more abortions there are less criminals."

Oh, and before you even mention adoption let me just say that most of these children ARE NOT adopted and many end up being thrown around from foster home to foster home. In fact, many of these children end up abused. I'd wanna commit a crime or two if I was abused =D
And I'm assuming you've got some proof of this? Statistics, figures that SHOW the majority children given up for adoption don't find permanent homes and instead suffer from abuse?

Seriously, sometimes it's just the lesser of two evils.
The lesser of two evils. How much more evil can you be than taking away that which cannot be defended? One of the most heinous crimes is the killing of a child. How is this different? And it still doesn't change the fact that NO ONE has the right to decide who lives or dies. PERIOD
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