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Default Re: Telling the Difference between "Love" and "liking" someone...

OK, I have a few problems with this thread.

First of all, you're putting yourself up on a pedastal proclaiming yourself the All-Knowing God of Love. Um NO??? You are 16 years old with little experience out in the real world, and no one in UNIVERSE can define what love is for ANYONE besides themself! So therefore, this entire thread means nothing for anyone except you. Your definition of love is not my definition of love so you can't just post this thread saying "I'm right, believe me, this is the way of the world!" Wrong.

Secondly, you are extremely biased. You jump to assume that all guys who claim love are just in it for sex. You don't consider that maybe they really do have deeper feelings for someone. Also, falling in love with someone younger than you doesn't make you a pedophile, and I'd like you to show me the person who says it does. Being of age and having sex with an unwilling child makes you a pedophile. And while you're showing me that person, point me to the member of government who has EVER said it's illegal to love ANYONE! Show me the law, please.

I think you need to realize that just because you have strong feelings on this subject doesn't mean you are wise or omnicient. As mature as any of us may be, we still have infinite amounts of things to learn- myself included. I am in no way trying to say that I know more than you, I barely know anything at all. But I do know that there's no way you can know exactly what love is or isn't for everyone. You just don't.
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