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Thumbs down Re: Telling the Difference between "Love" and "liking" someone...

Originally Posted by marine_sniperman35 View Post
Love is is ageless. If you fall in love and the person is younger do not define yourself a pedophile because love isn't pedophilia. Love is love. And if the government makes it illegal for you to fall in love with someone younger than you then that is their problem not yours. I can't tell you what love is like. Just know that when you fall in love you aren't in love with them for their body, sex, their looks, you're in love with them for them and ultimately that's what matters.

Thank you, and please if you have any questions PM me.

Your profile says 16 but your post says...well, definitely a lot older.

No, but in all seriousness I believe that love is too fluid an emotion to describe. It's different for everyone.

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