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Default Telling the Difference between "Love" and "liking" someone...

Recently I have been browsing through these forums and have been rather active through them...and I feel the need to tell the difference between "love" and "liking" someone. Mainly directed towards the boys seeing as I am a boy.

Well honestly it has been a while since I have liked someone. But liking someone is a step towards love. It's preparing you fro the challenges, joys, and pains that love is going to bring you. Liking someone is going on a date and there. Maybe being a boyfriend/girlfriend...a couple. When you get caught up in the moment of liking someone you are easily tricked into believing it's love. This little stage is nothing compared to love and what it really is. No matter how well you think you are prepared for love it's always a bitch to deal with and it's always a bitch slap in the face.

Boys: If you "love your girlfriend" for the sex it IS NOT LOVE!!! It's the furthest thing from and I would strongly discourage such activities. You may not know it but it is degrading on both your parts.

You see love is an amazing thing. So amazing, no song, no words, poem, book , NOTHING could describe how powerful it is...why? Because it's powerful on both your ends in different ways. When I fell in of the things i decided almost on a split moment was I would jump a bullet for her no questions asked. If it came down to it i would trade my soul for her. She is three years younger than me and yeah i feel awkward about it sometimes but most of the time it usually doesn't bug me but when it does I don't care much.

Love is is ageless. If you fall in love and the person is younger do not define yourself a pedophile because love isn't pedophilia. Love is love. And if the government makes it illegal for you to fall in love with someone younger than you then that is their problem not yours. I can't tell you what love is like. Just know that when you fall in love you aren't in love with them for their body, sex, their looks, you're in love with them for them and ultimately that's what matters.

Thank you, and please if you have any questions PM me.

But please is different for everyone. Do share ur thoughts...

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