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Default Re: Relationships In General.

Originally Posted by Fallstel View Post
You fail to see what I'm saying. I'm not trying to get a girlfriend, because I feel its a lousy concept. I think that, rather than having a 'girlfriend' we just treat all our friends of both genders equally, and, if someone likes to, they'll have sex.
Friends with benifits? I don't think so. First off, you're suggesting casual sex whenever you feel like it- that's unhealthy in SO many ways, the worst of which being emotionally. We've all heard that story and it's true. When you have sex with someone there is an emotional attatchment and to throw that around like it's nothing can and will have a serious and negative impact on a person. And secondly, don't you think that'd be awkward?? Knowing your entire group of friends was sleeping around with each other all the time? I'm sorry, I would never be able to live like that.

You think I overthink things to the point of indifference and depression? Now that's just rude. I think THE MAJORITY OF ALL HUMANS overthink and overglorify this ritual of having sex and have coated it with a barbed-wire fence known as 'romance'.
We're not just talking about sex here, it's the relationship between two human beings. Yes, sex may be included in that relationship and yes, it's a powerful thing, but there's so much more to it than that. I've seen any number of couples who share more intimacy than I would ever imagine possible- while practicing absitence.

And romance is not a barbed-wire fence, how could you say that? I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that..
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