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Originally Posted by Waiting View Post
you're good, very good.
the first picture especially.

as for looking at what you said about film vs digi.
i'll always be a film man, but unfortunaly technology has forced me to catch up.

oh and film is more expensive to print with then digital.
by 500 sheets of digital paper so so much more cheaper then buying the developer, the fix, light sensative paper, an enlarger, hell building a dark room.
if you've got everything provided for you and you only pay for the paper then film paper is cheaper because there is more market for digi paper, more people want it so are willing to pay higher prices. gotta love the economy.
Cheers. Our school has just built a £30,000 brand new dark room, with about 8 enlargers I think (not too sure which size / models) and they're going to be recieving a kind of 'permanent grant' from the government to re-stock it with paper / chemicals so hopefully in a year or so time I'll be able to just get any film pictures printed for free when I take Photography for one of my A levels

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