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Default Re: Help, about to start shaving.

I recommend getting a Gillette Fusion. Just shave after you get out of the shower and use a little shaving cream to reduce irritation. The five blades really help reduce irritation. The single blade is for between the eyebrows and right below the nose; basically wherever the five can't get. Just relax and go slowly your first time, breath deeply, and start somewhere you can see easily. If you're nervous and shaking you're just going to cut yourself. Rinse the razor out every couple strokes, or it won't cut as well and you might get some irritation; it also helps keep it sharp. Don't press too hard, but don't be afraid to use a little pressure, it will feel a little weird, but you'll get used to it. Rinse your face off with cold water after you're done and dab your face dry. Make sure you rinse the razor out well. If you go with electric just follow the manufacturer's instructions. It won't shave nearly as closely as a five blade, though. Good luck!
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