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Originally Posted by Kieth View Post
I masturbate a lot. It doesn't mess with my social and family lives, though. is that okay? on some days i might masturbate up to 4-5 times. when im on vacation or at friends houses repeatadely only about once every 2 days.
I masturbate while watching porn, infront of my computer, ive never been caught but there are close calls... Is it bad to masturbate that often?

Mostly when i cum it isn't white its clear, sometimes its white, whats with that?

EDIT: I use my saliva as lube, what about you guys?
I don't think it matters much.
Just make sure you don't get caught.
I just got back from my grandparents', it was torture not masturbating for a week, lol

If it is clear it has less sperm in it.
Thats all.
(Not no sperm though! Don't worry, you're not infertile!)

I don't use lube...

The Blondest Guy On The Planet. Yay.

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