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Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0 View Post
I can't stress this enough, puberty is ambiguous. You can't go by a freaking flow-chart for one of the most random things in the world. Someone might have no hair at all down there and then in a months time have a forest of pubes and facial hair. Someone could get pubes around average time and then still go through growth/facialhair/etc. at the same rate as a late bloomer.

I had a slight mustache at age 13(dark peach-fuzz), and now, 3 and some odd years later, I still don't have much more than that. Puberty is ambiguous, don't think you can ever chart it-because it'll prove unchartable.
Yes indeed listen to that. You can tell us your penis size in millimetres with your height and hair length, we still can't tell you when will you be tall, have a beard w/e.. Its just unpredictable

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