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Default Re: Relationships In General.

Originally Posted by Octo22 View Post

Why trust a girlfriend more than your best friend? Have you known the girlfriend longer? Usually not.

I've known my best friend, for 2 years now. He knows EVERYTHING there is to know about me. Why keep a secret from them? If you do, I don't consider you best friends (excluding special circumstances).

So if I start dating a girl, as time knowing her goes up, so does knowing my best friend.

Just because she's agreed to being "commited" to me and all that jazz, doesn't mean she's gonna get all my secrets.

You ASK people to be your girlfriend.
A Best friend just develops, I've never shared more experiences with anyone over my best friend, and hope never to.

Girlfriends can be awesome/fun/intimate. But I don't see the point in NEEDING one or treating it any different than a best friend situation. Afterall, aren't girlfriends best friends? Therefore you're saying you only trust someone if they're touchy-feely? Or is it if they're a girl? :O

Also after the whole not telling friends everything, your signature seems kinda ironic.

well i haven't really had a best friend before. i have had many friends i would consider close, but never one best friend until now. my girlfriend is my best friend and thats why she knows more about me then anyone. oh, and please don't suggest i only trust people who i'm "touchy-feely" with, i'm not that shallow and i find that quite insulting. and as far as my signiture goes, it shows you how to be a good friend, which includes loyalty, being there in good and bad times and being able to comfort them during the bad times. from memory it has nothing to do with which secrets and what you should or shouldn't tell your friends, whats so ironic about that?


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