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I know this is gonna sound so mean and really dogg but hey here it is. Ive always tried to be a nice guy but this is really giving me the shits.

Ok well ill just start from the start. I blade, aggressive roller blade to be exact so iam down at our local bowl alot with my blading friends and one day randomly a kid came up and talked to us (his in yr7 at my school, iam in yr 10) we noticed straight off his mentally not right but we never held that agienst him and we talked to him and stuff. Now he thinks we are like BEST friends. I can tell he has either hardly any to no friends which means he is REALLY clingly, like he wants to go EVERYWHERE with us, like movies, to friends places etc. And his gotten my mobile number and always calls me to ask if iam going down to the bowl (which i normally am) and i dont have the heart to lie to him but i just cant fkn stand him when he hangs around. Now he is starting to hang around with us during school. Also when he was getting picked up one day he got me to meet his dad () which just makes things fkn worse.

He is so fkn rude, he trys to scab money and food off us and everything and his attude to everything is so like "give me give me give me". I just cant stand it, his one of those kid that u just wanna knock out. I know this sounds mean but he has a MASSIVE stutter wich also gets to me. He tries to do everything with us but we dont want him around. What is the easiest and kindest way to tell him to piss off.

P.S. this has gotten to the point where i dont want to go to the bowl/school cuse he is so annoying
And please guys dont just post stuff like "your a selfish vein.... blah blah blah" cuse i alreay feel like shit for feeling like this if u know what i mean.
thanks guys
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