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Unhappy long distence

okay so basicly, i was in love, i had the most amazing girl friend, we started dating in september, and it was a little rockey, i have known her since the fifth grade when she moved here, i couldnt take my eyes off her, in grade 7 we dated for a week, then that got really mesed up, i dated another girl over the summer, oops my bad (stupid stupid stupid never herd the end of it) then in sept we hooked up again, we got along amazingly but the physical contact really lacked, i pressered her a lot, and i hate myself for that, and it took till december for it to start to get better, but she seemed to eather be having realy bad pms or just looking for a fight, and i seemed to be really good at provoking her, and we started fighting a lot, we broke up for a week then realized what we had and got back together, then we had another little fight and broke up again for about 3 weeks, 1 week into that i dated another girl,(stupid son of a b****, also never herd the end of that,) and i have never regreted something more than that, but i dumped the other girl and i have to admit, it was rather easy to get miss perfect back, we dated and went non stop and i have to say, it was PERFECT, we didnt fight anymore the phsycal contact was amazing, and nothing seemed to bother us, till a couple days after my b-day, her parents droped the bomb that they wanted to move, she thougth it was jsut bs so she wasnt that worried, i was tromatized! and it kept getting worse and worse, and then her parents said she was leaving in 2 months, i was devisted, i felt myself ripped in two, the remaining months went by very fast, the last day i saw here, was the day she left her house, we spent a few hourse together, she took my lucky hat and my hoodie which i miss VERY MUCH, and we both cried (the first time she ever saw me cry) and it took about 30 min just for me to walk out to the truck, it was the longest and worse moments of my life. i got in the truck, even my mom was balling couse she thought it was realy sad. we talked for about 5 minutes a day which was way different then the normal 2 hours of phone time, but she was driving arcoss the fucking country, bc-ontario, so i barly got to talk to her, no that shes there, we barly talk enough, she cries a lot and, i jsut cant take it anymore, i was always the person that said long distence was crap and pointless, but i had never felt this way over somone, she got there bout half way through july and its not half way through august,

I think i want to break up with her, but i dont know if i can, i love her, and she was my honest to god, first true love, as stupid as that may sound, it means a lot. we made plans that after highschool we would meat up and everything would be fine, but thats in like 4 years, and id only see her 2 times at best a year, im beggining to think its not worth it, id apretiate some input and advice on this, guys and girls opinions are more than welcome, couse i jsut want to know what im dealing with here (PS. sorry its so long, i have a lot on my mind here:p)
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