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Originally Posted by jjmcray View Post
I have a separate computer completely dedicated to Ubuntu Linux (no dual boot or anything) and when I start up, I get the grub message and etc but then it goes to a black screen for about 50-60 seconds... then it eventually lets me log in. Is this part of the boot up process or is there something wrong with my installation?
When your machine boots up, know how it says something like "Press ESC" and counts down from like "3, 2, 1" for boot options in grub? Hit Esc, and then find the line that starts out similar to

kernel        /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.17-10-generic
(Should be second line)

Highlight that line, and hit "E" for edit. Scroll over until you see "quiet splash." Remove both "Quiet" and "Splash" and hit enter. Then, hit "B." This will boot up the machine in Verbose (Shows you all the messages) mode, and without the Boot Splash Screen. It'll allow you to see what's going on with the computer. See if it looks like it's doing things. With the Normal boot, you can't really see what it's actually doing. might be a useful resource for you. There are literally hundreds of people signed on the site pretty much 24/7, many of them knowing a lot more about it than anyone here. There are also a lot of HowTo's, and various other things there, and also many of the same questions you're asking here that have been posted there, and answered.

- Bill
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