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Originally Posted by jjmcray View Post
Anyone know how to adjust the color quality in Ubuntu? Like from 16-bit to 32-bit and etc.?

I'm assuming you've installed your Video card's drivers? If not, you probably should. Envy will install the Drivers for ATI or Nvidia Cards, at least, it has worked in my experience. I've seen a couple people say it doesn't work too well, but it's worked every time I've tried it, which, granted, has only been 3-4 times.

After you have the Video driver installed, you can change the Color Depth by editing the xorg.conf file.

To do this, Open a Terminal, type "sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf" making sure the "X" in "X11" is capitalized. Case makes a difference in Linux.

This will open up Gedit, a text editor, and the xorg.conf file, which is basically the configuration file for your display. Scroll down until you find "DefaultDepth" it should be similar to:

Section "Screen"
DefaultDepth 24
Just make sure it's set to 24. You can't set it to 32. Linux only allows up to 24. 24 and 32 are basically the exact same thing.

If you have to change that, save the file, and then make sure everything you have open is saved, and either reboot the machine, or press "Control+Alt+Backspace" at once. This will force the Xserver to restart. It should load the new settings, if there are any.

Ubuntu 7.10, which will be out sometime before the end of the year, I believe October? will have a GUI Interface (Graphical <User> Interface) for changing all of these things easier, last I heard.

- Bill
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