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Default Re: Quarter of girls 'want plastic surgery'

Originally Posted by Bobby View Post
As long as it makes them happy, then I don't see why not. It's not unhealthy, so why not do it?
Originally Posted by 0= View Post
Dumb bitches. Sorry, but what the fuck? Probably about 94% of girls are fairly attractive, 5.7% are actually fat and need to lose weight, and .3% might just be ugly, but very few so ugly that nobody can see past it..

How is it not unhealthy? Its basically editing whats not supposed to be edited. Its unhealthy for the mind becuase it will lead to wanting more and more done and a loss in money. I dont like the idea of it, thats what makeup and diets were invented for.

Im glad you said "fairly" because otherwise that statement would be innacurate. I still concider a girl fairly attractive if she is abit overweight but not too much and has a decent face. But .3%? Im sure there are alot more ugly girls out there than that. Id say about 5% of the world, in certain countries like America or Canada about 15% are fat and the rest are all fairly. Anyways this isnt really a debate section so ill shut up now
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