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Default Re: Ok. I need some input.

and i qoute ((I hope you find someone who treats you with the dignity and respect you deserve)) 1.He needed to tell u that it wasnt working
2.He shud nvr have ignored u like that
and 3.Dont let this incident change ur view on guyz because alot of them are understanding and will do wat ever it is to make u happy obviously he wasnnt
about being irrational u took that situation in a completely acceptable way but ithink the (( I was contemplating posting some evil messages, such as "Oh a new gf already? Boy you go through them fast." or "Oh so life's not hectic anymore? Glad you gave me that chance you promised")) wud'v gone too far good job for self controll

and dont worry soon his life will consist of soap operas in his basement while ur living the dream life
i hope i was of any help
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