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Default Re: Quarter of girls 'want plastic surgery'

Dumb bitches. Sorry, but what the fuck? Probably about 94% of girls are fairly attractive, 5.7% are actually fat and need to lose weight, and .3% might just be ugly, but very few so ugly that nobody can see past it. Girls worry so much about their appearance, but they don't realize that all most guys want is someone nice to talk to and if a relationship develops then they won't care that you're not underweight or that your face and boobs are perfectly symmetrical. Most guys don't like anything bigger than a small to medium D cup anyway. Sure, there are assholes, but the majority of guys mature and see people for who they are. Girls are the ones that bully girls, and they shouldn't be worried about what those bitches think. No decent guys actually like the nasty bitches, anyway.
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