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Originally Posted by questionz View Post
its not hard. its fun to make a simple program that displays naughty images, and set it to run at startup.
It's fun reading how things are set up at different schools. I'm currently working as an "Intern" in the Technology Department for a school district (Although, really, I control everything that has to do with Workstation management, and a lot of other things. Basically, if they didn't have me, all they would have is servers. The workstations wouldn't be set up, or if they were, they'd be using 2-3 year old images on all the machines, that were pretty much unusable.) and this would be impossible where I work. I love the fact that every change someone makes to the computer is erased on reboot. Absolultely love it. It makes my job so much easier. I have to either put in a certain series of key strokes, then a password to allow changes, or use a program I have on my laptop to allow the changes. I can Wake on Lan all the machines in the entire district with a click of the mouse, reboot any and all of them, shutdown, allow changes, disallow changes, lock keyboard and mouse on any or all computers at once, send messages to the computers, etc. I can even watch the screens and remote control them.

All that, and the fact that I can see all activity anyone has done on the internet at any time I wish. Gotta love logging and everything.

Originally Posted by The Mask View Post
I know that our school network is actually quite secure, and tbh the only way you can do any damage is to get an admins / teachers password. I got that once by writing a batch file and shoving it on my memory stick so when I plugged it into a machine it would copy and run this keylogger. Well anyway, I got a teachers password and I gave it to a mate, who managed to change everyone's password in my year, he got bollocked for it though lol.

The only other thing I've done it write a .bat file which brings up dos and writes a message saying "You are trying run un-authorised programs, if you are not type n" so the person types 'n' and it shuts down their pc lol.
This is why we don't give most people special administrative privleges. 99% of all teachers don't have too many more rights than their students. Of course, there are certain things they need rights to that their students don't, but they don't have anything that they don't have a dire need for. Everyone is assigned their rights based on whatever group they're a member of. There's a staff group, admin group, student group, etc. Everyone that is a member of a specific group has the same rights as everyone else in that group. If a certain person needs other rights, we assign them on an individual basis.

There are also certain teachers that would allow their students access to their accounts. Some did last year after the student had their internet access revoked for abusing their privleges, and a few teachers let those students on their accounts to access the internet.

If you're just talking about getting an Admin password for Windows, that's extremely easy. There are Live CDs around the internet that allow you to boot up and will crack the password in the matter of 1-3 minutes or less. There are also floppies that allow you to boot up, and clear the Admin password for Windows as well. If the administrator knew what they were doing, they wouldn't use the same password for Windows as they used for administrative access on the network. Like, with how I have things set up, there is no Admin password on the local machine. None, whatsoever. Everyone that logs in is, by default, made an administrator of the machine. There's absolutely nothing you can mess up on the machines we use, even with administrative privleges. And, even if you managed to entirely break something, which is doubtful, I can restore everything in the matter of 20-40 minutes anyway. It's extremely easy, all it takes it reimaging the computer from the network. And, most machines have the same generic image as everything else.

In fact, I'd encourage people to do their best to mess things up on the computers. Exploit something. I like to see if there's something I need to work on.

As for the Dos Batch file, I still prefer my little Message I wrote that pops up with attempting to do a "net send:"

I just finished setting up the base images for all the Elementary Schools, and I've deployed it to all the machines at all but one school, and I made sure I included that in it.

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try for how to bypass the filter.
Thanks for the URL. I have little doubt that it's blocked where I work, but if it isn't by some odd sense of the imagination, it will be tomorrow.

- Bill
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