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Originally Posted by Crazysam View Post
Well for one it was yellow. two there was allot of it. 3 it had no smell. It was watery (not sticky at all). four it looked like urine
1) Semen (especially clear semen) can have a yellowish tint to it because your urethra wasn't cleared out or your tubes are slightly clogged (no big)
2) You could of had a lot of it...did it feel like you were peeing? Did it flow out like urine or did it come out in spurts like semen?
3) This might be a little funny, but if you drink a ton of water for the sole purpose of making you cum more, your semen may be a little bit more watery then usual. Semen isn't just made up of water
4) If you're sure it's urine, then I don't really see what you should do now. That was only one time and I think you should jack off a bit more to make sure. You can always ask your doctor if you want to
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