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Default Re: Relationships In General.

Hmmm I'll keep it here.

I actually agreed with pretty everything you said. For me being 18 next month I haven't had many relationships at all, I've never asked out anyone. All my situations regarding relationships I was asked by the girl. Most I've rejected because I didn't feel for them relationships-wise and I really didn't want to bother. I just wanted friends.

The reason why kids get relationships crazy starting middle school time is because they've started puberty, are hormonal, and they're starting to notice girls in a different way they have before. Then tag on to the 'trend' of having relationships it's why so many guys and girls have pointless relationships.

But also some people want a girlfriend because they want companionship and feel a girlfriend is the only way to get that. Also society thinks that you're less of a person once you've reached a certain age and never had a girlfriend or still a virgin.

What can girlfriends offer you that a best friend can't? Physical touch. That's about it, so by saying all this "just want someone I can completely trust, etc. etc." get a best friend worth having.
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I agree with both statements.
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