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Default Relationships In General.

First off I'd like to say, I'm completely unsure if this goes here or Debates forum, so I apologize if it needs moved.

Why do people feel the need to so desperately seek a girlfriend?

Sure we can attribute the majority to hormones, but I think it also falls under the media. Society portrays that anyone over a certain age that isn't dating/married is a loser.

But why? Do we honestly feel that without a girlfriend we can't function properly? As if to say we're completely dependent on other people?

I'm not gonna pretend I wasn't caught in the loop before, but then I realized (after a loved one and I split) I don't need someone in my life.

What can girlfriends offer you that a best friend can't? Physical touch. That's about it, so by saying all this "just want someone I can completely trust, etc. etc." get a best friend worth having.

I still see people who are so dependent on needing relationships as somewhat sad. Especially people who like more than one person, OR focus on a girl beyond anything even if they never speak to her.

If you like more than one person, hormones.
If you like one girl but never really spoken to her, hormones. Because you don't know her personality, you just think you do.

I'd rather control my body, than let it control me.
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