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Default Re: Attempting to Quit Porn

i've researched this subject alot and form what i've heard all guys are interested (whether they admit it or not) in seeing other guys naked. because they want to know that they are the same as everybody else. we may also look at gya porn to lear about how gays go about sexual activity and be more intersted in men's bodies becaues we use them as an example for how we would like 2 look ourselves
(like for example ur not attracted to fat hairy old men right? its more brad pitt type)
and also just for the record porn is a good way 2 lern about our bodies and about sexual postions and normalcy so dont worry about "quitting" cuz u'll only make urself feel guilty. eventually as u mature and u can have actual sex u wont need porn as much and dont worry about being a pervert dad cuz after the age of 18 ur "horniness" decreases and u wont feel the need 4 porn as much.
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