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Default Re: ADHD meds = Depression?

Yes, it is possible. Meds can help many people, but can screw up that many more. If you might think that's what happened, talk to a professional health care provider and see what you can do about your depression ASAP

The only reason I overcame my depression is I change my whole life in so many big ways - my first public school in 4 years, different appartment, a brand-new social life, an accepting mom (eh), a shitload of hard work and a whole lot of mistakes. And I don't think that's really that possible for most people, what happened to me was lucky.

I wouldn't focus so much on how the meds might of contributed - but if they did, congradulate yourself that you overcame it without using meds! That's awesome.

So get help now, rather that waiting until you start self harm (I don't know if you do) or before you get deeper.
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