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Originally Posted by Crazysam View Post
ok I will drink more water and will try again tommorow (i dont want to try today because i probably would be out of semen?) can someone run out of semen?
Semen is sorta like spit in a way - you never run out of it. You might run low and it may seem like you have none if you jack off several times a day. But in a few hours, your body would've made some more!

Originally Posted by dan9746552 View Post
i want to know, how do u do anal masturbation, i was just wondering, cause i want to, but i onlyu have a finger that i know wont be bad for it?, but dont answer if u think this post is inapropriate
Nah it's not innapropriate at all.
Anal masturbation is kinda hard to explain. This thread is full of questions and answers about that (which I SO humbly provided the info for...). I'll keep giving this link out until I can make a guide for anal masturbation or something =]
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