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Originally Posted by .λιφε.λοωε.ηοπε.
I don't think we need to add a censor

Its not hard to read i mean honestly if you can't tell that "u" means you
then.....ya, maybe there not the idiots
I agree that we don't need to add a censor, but I don't think he just means in general, but more of posts that are harder to read
Something easy to read is:

u know, i find it hard to beleve that ur sayin things like that.
hey, i got a problem, when i cum, its all clear and messy, so could u plz tell me what this is???

As opposed to hard to read things, such as
im 14 & jus askin 2 ?
1st ?: that my quads r burnin soo hard and i duno wat to do i men how do i fix this i onli did 25 reps y dos this ceep hapenin????
? 2: wat dos stages men i men evry tim i read i see stages & jus 1drin if dis is wat i think it mens i think it's like growth

Help pl0x I rly need to know BAD

A censor would include more things like "u", and would spell check things like wut, u, r, y, dos, i, wat, plz, pl0x, pr0n, etc. Although I'm still not behind the idea, since I think people should learn, and I think the first few posters should be nice and translate it for everybody else
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