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Originally Posted by cooldude231 View Post
well what the hell guys anthony, u didnt think right away i wasnt gonna use a condom? well i was im not an idiot and i am enoughly educated about sex.
Hey be nice - you said that you're probably gonna cum on her face. The only way to do that is without a condom so that's why Anthony expressed his opinion.

Originally Posted by cooldude231 View Post
Well im 14 and i have just grown 6 inches this year, my penis size erect is about 6 inches, and i have a lot of pubic hair, my voice has recently been cracking although it has not changed, i have no sign of a wet dream, but am i producing semen? i dont know! ive been dating my girlfriend for a while now and she is ready to have sexual intercourse although, i dont know if i can sperm on her face after were done?
If you masturbate and sperm comes out, then that's your answer having a wet dream doesn't mean that you can make cum. I mean, I've been cumming ever since I was 12 and I've never had a wet dream for 2 years, and probably never will.

I don't recommend that you have sex at 14, just because I think you're rushing it, but that's just my opinion *shrug*

The only way to really answer "are you producing semen" is if you jack off and and find out for yourself.
If you jack off and something comes out, whether or not the cum is clear, use a condom. Just because it's clear doesn't mean it doesn't have enough sperm in it that could get her pregnant.
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