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Yeah, but there is more complicated stuff in it than that ... when I met [insert name here], he was in an online relationship with a girl from Tasmania, and they were supposedly "so in love" despite an age difference of four years. :/
He said about a month or so ago he started to fall out of love with her, and that's when he realised he had feelings for me, and then he broke up with her for me. :/
He says he only wants to be with me, and I do believe him, he's not the kind of guy who would just say that, but I'm the jealous type and I know that [his ex's name here] still loves him and I think wants him back. :/
Also, the friend who introduced me to him went to with him last year and they were pretty good friends, and I know the (friend who introduced us) had a pretty big crush on him, and seeing as (friend who intoduced us) our friendship isn't exactly going well atm, due to her partying a bit too wildy, working too hard and ignoring some of her very good friends ... >.<

Sorry if that's hard to make sense of, guys ... :/

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