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Default I'm feeling pretty guilty ...

Well, I recently started going out with this great guy (who I met a few months ago, we were like, best friends before we started going out).
And yeah, I've gone out with two guys before, one was a two year relationship, and the other was like a month long rebound one. :/ So yeah, I'm kinda not a virgin ... thing is, he is. >.< And if we get that far in our relationship (which is btw, awesome everything just feels so right and we each think the other is totally amazing) I think I'd feel really, really guilty and damaged. >.<
Idk what to do ... I've mentioned this to him before and he says he doesn't care, and that it doesn't matter and he still really, really cares about me and that we'll deal with it if we get there.
What do I do to stop feeling so guilty? >.<;;
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