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Default Re: Reinstall XP and Keep Old Files?

Originally Posted by lallous View Post
I think the best way, as said, would be to back up your files and format your hard disc, especially if you're trying to get rid of a virus.

Otherwise, if you have a HP (or a Compaq also, I think), there is a command to bring your PC back to square one (believe me, I have used it a lot). It is called "System Recovery" on HP, and on Compaq, during the boot-up, if you press F8 (i think) you get the same kind of thing.

That's all for now. Hope it helps.
Yeah my laptop has a partition on the hard drive with all the recovery files on it, you can burn them to cd/dvd or recover from the partition. The recovery thing on my laptop is called "Acer eRecovery Management", which coincidently, i'm doing now!

@OP: You could download a bootable version of XP or linux so that you can accsess your files to back them up then do a complete reformat.
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