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Exclamation Friend Troubles

right, well, i sumtimes have asllepover with my friends, and my best friend came to my last one, just us two, and we started playing truth or dare, and they started off with like, eat a bannana in one bite, then got onto stuff like, hump the wall, but then got onto wanking each other, and then, just out of the bloom, he says as a dare, to geive him a blowjob, (his dick is mini, late bloomer, im quite a bit through, big size diffrence, but we are same age) so i did, for 5 secs, i just put my lips round his minute dick, and that was all, but i wanted to cary on playin, but he said wanking while in the same room is gay, so i dont know what to say at our next sleepover? And another question why is there such a big gap beetween our stages of puberty? And one more, please answer this, will anything happen if we give blowjobs, or shud we get a condom each???
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