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Default Re: Ok. I need some input.

Yeah I know, and they're all being AMAZING. Lol my one friend Amanda was like, "Don't worry, we're getting voodoo dolls...and we're sending extra-strong viagra and extra-small condoms" LMAO. In all seriousness though, they are extremely supportive and idk how I'd make it through the days without them.

As for him, he's still ignoring me. I was contemplating posting some evil messages, such as "Oh a new gf already? Boy you go through them fast." or "Oh so life's not hectic anymore? Glad you gave me that chance you promised" I've resisted though...

My one friend who's like...25 or something like that has known him way longer than me and she says that in his defense there were a lot of reasons things didn't work out between us and that I should simmer a bit before confronting him. A) I need to cool off and figure myself out, and b) it's a really new relationship for him so I shouldn't jump in his face like WTF BASTARD, etc. I'm thinking she's right, but when I do get around to 'confronting' him, I have no idea what I can possibly say....and yes I do need to do it at some point, because otherwise I'll just kill myself with thoughts of "What if?" and "But why?" Idk I'm just not sure what it is exactly I want to say to him, or ask of him....
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