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Default energy drink addiction

i used to drink a lot, and by a lot i mean a lot. i used to drink like 4xxL monsters a day. i would have drawers at home filled with empty cans. i would even go to school hyped up on them and i would shake and it looked as most my friends described it like i was having drug withdrawls and everyone would ask me if i was on drugs, and people would walk by and call me stoner and it made me really upset so i went into a emo state minus the cutting and everyone prosecuted me of being a cutter, so i finally quit and its been almost a year since i've had an energy drink, and i still seem to have cravings for them but people acuse me of cutting, and using drugs under false pretenses, how do i get them to stop teasing me about things like this? cause i've told them over and over but they still never seem to beleive me about it... it just gets to me so easily and i dont know why...

I should do the traffic reports

Its 8 in the morning, everyone left the house at the same damn time

Call me back at 5 30 i'll tell you the same thing but they'll be going in the other direction

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